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All Raylo phones, whether new or refurbished, get used more than once. This means you get to enjoy using the phone you really want without it costing the earth.

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Black Friday shouldn’t cost the earth

Get that #newphonefeeling without splurging on a new phone

Did you know that most phones only ever get one owner and end up gathering dust in drawers even with years of useful life left?

Raylo phones are different. They all get reused - doubling or tripling their lifespan.

This means less phones in landfill, less usage of rare earth metals and less carbon emissions from manufacturing. It’s a win for you and a win for the planet.

Don’t Black Friday it. Raylo it.

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Raylo Refurbished Phones

All our refurbished phones go through a 70 point check to make sure the buttons, battery, camera and speakers are all in top working order.

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iPhone XR

From £14.99/month

Certified Refurbished - Raylo 70 point check
12 or 24 month lease
Free next day delivery
24 month warranty
6.1" LCD Display