The best Black Friday iPhone deals of 2020

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Oct 7, 2021

Stats from 2019 show that 35 million tonnes of precious metals were used to make over 200 million new smartphone units - with 5 million tonnes being discarded as e-waste when people upgrade. That’s a massive figure and it’s a growing problem, too, which is why we’re flying the flag for a different kind of Black Friday iPhone deal this year. 


When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday is on November 27th.

What’s the best Black Friday iPhone deal?

The best Black Friday iPhone deals are the ones that protect the planet instead of promoting the newest, brightest and shiniest models. So really, the best deal is no deal at all.

Instead, we’re flying the flag for refurbished devices. As part of our reuse and refurb approach, we make sure that every Raylo phone is used to the max, extending its life cycle up to three times more than the average smartphone. To put this into perspective, if the lifetime of all smartphones was doubled, it would be the equivalent of taking two million cars off the road every year. A huge win for the planet. 


Don’t Black Friday it. Raylo it.

Choosing a Raylo Refurbished iPhone could save you a chunk of money compared to the best Black Friday iPhone deals - with prices starting from £14.99 for the refurbished iPhone X – but the benefits don’t stop at your pocket.

As good as new: All Raylo Refurbished phones go through a 70 point check to make sure the battery, buttons, camera and speaker are ‘as good as new’. You’ll also get brand new iPhone accessories and a recyclable phone case.

Sustainable: At Raylo, all of our new and refurbished phones are available on lease. This means our customers don’t pay more to own them, and when their contracts are up, they simply send their used phone back to us before we send them another one. We then refurbish these used phones, saving them from the waste heap. This is just one way we’re smashing sustainability - discover other ways here.

Putting you first: Choose from a 12 or 24 month lease with zero upfront costs. You’ll also have 30 days to change your mind once you get your phone and each Raylo Refurbished phone comes with a 24 month warranty, just in case.

Wallet-friendly: Did we mention you can get an ‘as good as new’ iPhone for a fraction of the price? All Raylo phones come unlocked, too, so you can scout for the best SIM-only deal to keep costs down.


Still after a new smartphone?


If you want new instead of refurbished, check out the brand new iPhone 12. With Raylo, you can get it for just £27.99 per month with zero upfront costs. It falls under the Black Friday iPhone deals category, and it’s way better for the planet too because when you’re done using it, we’ll refurb it and give it to someone new. 

What are the best Black Friday deals on phones?

iPhone XR Black Friday deal. From £14.99/month

iPhone XS Max Black Friday deal. From £17.99/month

iPhone 12 Black Friday deal. From £24.99/month

iPhone 12 Pro Black Friday deal. From £34.99/month

Samsung Galaxy S20 Black Friday deal. From £32.99/month