About us

Raylo’s founders started in traditional financial services, then worked together in tech start-ups and saw first-hand how a fresh approach, technology and great people can disrupt tired industries.

The mobile networks are also stuck in the past. Poor service. Endless, inefficient high street stores. Expensive and inflexible contracts. Overcharging loyal customers.

Our vision is to transform the industry – we believe that it can be smarter in every single way. We’re starting out on a mission to solve the biggest problem first.  
Smartphones have transformed our lives, but the way we get our mobiles hasn’t changed in years. People want to pay monthly, but up to now they’ve been limited to expensive bundled network contracts or complex finance agreements. Insurance is overpriced, the experience is terrible and we’re not addressing the growing number of phones gathering dust in drawers – 125 million and counting in the UK alone.

At Raylo we believe there’s a smarter way. It’s simple really – we’ve taken a new approach, combined it with cutting edge technology, and the customer experience people deserve.
Our first product offers the best way to access the latest mobile technology independent from your network. It’s a simple subscription, done in a smarter way. It’s better for your pocket and the planet.

Our Investors

We are backed by a multi-billion pound venture investor and some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. We are a rapidly growing team of great people who are passionate about our mission and vision.