We started in financial services, then worked together in tech start-ups and saw first-hand how a fresh approach, technology and great people can disrupt tired industries.

Just like the high street banks, the mobile networks are stuck in the past and we believe that it’s time for a change.

Smartphones have transformed our lives, but the way we get our mobiles hasn’t changed in years. People are stuck with expensive contracts and poor customer service, while 125 million used phones gather dust in drawers.

There are lots of problems with the status quo, but we’re starting by solving the most important part – a smarter new way to get the best iPhone, that’s better for your pocket and the planet.

Karl, Richard and Jinden – the Raylo founders


  • One simple subscription
  • Choice between the two best iPhones
  • Seamless online sign-up, with awesome customer support
  • A new ownership model means you pay less
  • Smarter insurance that saves money and makes claims quick and easy
  • Stay SIM-only – it's cheaper and more flexible
  • Return your old phone for recycling when you get a new one
  • Partners who share our sustainability mission
  • Cases made from plants not plastic


We are backed by a great group of investors including Techstart Ventures, the Funding Circle co-founders and other prominent angels. We are a rapidly growing team of great people who are passionate about our mission and vision.