The linear economy is broken

The waste from our consumption of consumer electronics alone is huge.

Every year
tonnes of e-waste is generated
That’s equal
to throwing
laptops into landfill
every second
5 Bn
inactive used smartphones globally
Our research
shows devices
are only used
of their usable life
of global e-waste is recycled
Up to
of recyclable smartphones in UK drawers
39x Growth
In just 3 years
Rated Excellent
4.5 stars across 7500+ reviews on Trustpilot
Devices leased through Raylo
As seen on TV
We want to be famous for leading the change in consumption of consumer technology and we want as many people as possible to know about us.
"Beyond financial advantages, this leasing approach could substantially curtail electronic waste, appealing to both tech enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers."
Sky News
Stop, you're making us blush!
Our customers have said lots of nice things about us.
"I have been with Raylo for over two years now and never had any problems. I was invited to upgrade at the two-year mark, and Raylo is much cheaper than O2 and many other big-name mobile phone companies; I highly recommend them."
Anne McHugh
“Raylo are a good company to deal with! They are honest and reliable and enable me to rent tech I couldn't afford to buy retail!”
Robert Murray
“Excellent service and upgrading me to the new iPhone so quickly! And I love the sustainability and environmental commitments in their packaging.”
Reggie Donaghy
4.5 stars across 7000+ Trustpilot reviews. Thousands are joining Raylo every month.
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