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The greener way to a great phone

Why is Raylo Greener?

Every year millions of perfectly good phones end up languishing in landfill or dumped in drawers. That’s bad for the planet and bad for your pocket. And we’re here to change it. This isn’t spin, it’s not PR. It’s who we are.

Raylo does things differently. It’s the more sustainable way to get the phone you want.

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Your Raylo order comes with a 100% compostable phone case. For every 10 Raylo customers, 1kg of plastic will be kept out of the waste stream.

We strive to work with partners who share our passion for sustainability. Our packaging manufacturer uses 100% recyclable materials and our courier has a fleet of electric vehicles.

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We don’t believe in single use. When you’re ready for an upgrade on Raylo, we’ll collect the old phone and refurbish it thoroughly and carefully.

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The refurbished phone then gets a happy new life with a happy new customer. This circular approach means the world’s resources are being used much more efficiently and respectfully.

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We are proudly supporting Plastic Oceans UK in their mission to stop plastic polluting our oceans.

We make a donation for every customer that signs up with us, which means your subscription directly supports their important work to encourage more sustainable mindsets today and tomorrow.

We're incredibly proud to announce that Raylo has become part of the B Corp movement for a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Certified B Corporations (B Corps) are part of an initiative from B Lab, a non-profit that serves a global movement of businesses using growth as a means to a greater end: positive impacts for their employees, economies, communities and the environment. To B Corps, sustainable business isn't charity, it's better business.