We believe technology shouldn’t be toxic.

We can't change the way smartphones are made but by joining Raylo you're part of the solution, not the problem.

Our sustainable upgrade cycle keeps your old device in use for longer, which dramatically reduces its overall effect on the planet. We also work with partners who share our eco-conscious values, keeping our carbon and waste footprint to a minimum.

how it fits together


Choose plants, not plastics. Your Raylo order comes with a plastic-free, 100% compostable phone case from Pela, cutting the amount of plastic being put into the environment. It really works: for every 10 Raylo customers 1kg of plastic will be stopped from entering the waste stream.

We strive to work with the most sustainable partners – our courier has a fleet of electric vehicles and our packaging manufacturer commits to 100% recyclable materials. 


This is your part. By sending back your old iPhone to us, you’re ensuring it doesn’t end up as part of the 50 million tonnes of annual e-waste globally, or join the estimated 125 million forgotten phones gathering dust in drawers.

Instead, by posting it back in the recyclable box you’re putting the ball in our court and facilitating our reuse programme – a far more sustainable outcome.


This is our part. In a linear economy, a smartphone is made, sold, used and then left in a drawer collecting dust or discarded as trash where it ends up polluting the environment. Through our reuse programme we make sure all our devices stay in circulation and get a second lease of life contributing to a circular economy.

Simple, right?

By shifting from owning your phones to a simple Raylo subscription you’re participating in a circular economy. It’s better for the planet and your pocket.