Lease the latest devices from £5.99/mo.
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Lease the latest devices from £5.99/mo.
Enjoy ultimate flexibility.

More affordable and totally flexible

Enjoy free upgrades and free DPD next-day delivery

Join over 100,000 subscribers
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Raylo is greener too

Every year millions of perfectly good devices end up languishing in landfill or dumped in drawers. Not with Raylo.

When the time comes to swap you to a new device we refurbish your old one and give it a happy new life with a happy new customer.

Along with plant-based packaging, electric vehicles and supporting environmental charities, we’re serious about offering new thinking on how we enjoy great tech.

Read more about Raylo and sustainability


Do I need to worry about wear and tear?

Don’t worry, we offer a fair wear and tear policy. It’s ok to return your device with obvious signs of use such as some deep scratching (2 or fewer deep scratches on front glass that are less than 3cm in length), small dents, discolouration or changes in the paintwork.

What if my device gets damaged?

If you return the phone to us damaged, we may charge you for the cost of repair as outlined by the Repair Charges set out in your agreement. You can opt for Raylo insurance at checkout which covers you against accidental damage, loss and theft.

When does my lease begin and end?

The lease begins when we ship your device and your first payment is due 14 days later. Your lease ends when you return your device, after your chosen lease term.

Can I cancel after my order?

Sure! If you have a change of heart you can cancel and return for free within the first 14 days.

What happens when it’s time to upgrade?

At the end of your lease you can simply upgrade for free and return your old device. You have 14 days to transfer your data – plenty of time.

If you don’t wish to upgrade you can:

  • Keep the device and continue paying monthly
  • Cancel your lease and return your device to Raylo. If you’re unable to return your device you’ll need to pay a fair fee

Do you run a soft search credit check?

Yes – the benefit of a soft search is there's no impact on your credit score. At Raylo, only if we say “Yes” and approve your application will a full credit search be undertaken.

Can I trust Raylo?

Of course! We're rated 4.5 on Trustpilot. We’re also partners of Natwest and Telefonica – you’re in safe hands.

New Phones

Want the latest phones? Don't buy one, save money and Raylo one.

Every year, people get ready for mobile phone manufacturers worldwide to release the latest models. For some, it's an exciting experience, but for many, it's a harsh reminder that getting the newest tech is expensive.

Whether you buy the phone outright or enter into a contract, you're going to spend a lot of money.

But what if there was another way?

At Raylo, we're leading a revolution against the 'old ways' to get teched up. Our mobile phone leasing plans will save you money and enable you to get the phone you really want.

There's no outright payment, zero hassle, and you can choose your sim plan, ensuring you avoid extortionate rates from mobile providers.

Are you ready to say goodbye to excessive monthly payments? Join us today.

We offer the best mobile phone deals

Getting a new phone shouldn't be an uphill battle, but unfortunately, it is. Rewind to 10 years ago, and a premium handset would cost around £500, but prices continued to climb as technology advanced.

Today, spending over £1000 on a new phone is typical, or at least £60 a month for contracts. But, our leasing service gives you more flexibility to choose the best phone and leasing term for your needs.

Didn't think you'd be able to afford the latest iPhone or Samsung model? With Raylo, you can.

New iPhones

In 2007, Apple changed the world by introducing us to the iPhone. It was a giant leap forward in terms of technology, and this phone (which would seem very basic now) paved the way for the smartphone revolution.

The company have released some epic mobile phones over the years, and you can get your hands on a shiny new iPhone without the hefty price tag.

We have the biggest and best models available for 12 and 24-month lease terms. All you have to do is choose the right one for your needs.

The iPhone 13 Range

The iPhone 13 is an upgrade from the 12 and the newest in Apple's long line of phones. If you're looking for the latest tech and prefer iOS to Android, this is the best smartphone for your needs.

As with all iPhones, there are four choices with varying price points. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most high-end model, and it certainly packs a lot of features into one phone. It has a Super Retina XDR Display and a triple camera system that includes a telephoto lens and an updated night mode.

There are also wireless charging capabilities and an A15 Bionic chip. If the 13 Pro Max gives you a little too much bang for your buck, you can choose one of the other models in the range. Both the 13 Pro and 13 standard are worthy competitors and perfect if you prefer a more compact phone.

Don't forget our other new iPhones

If you're looking for a lower monthly lease term, you might want to check out the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 collections. These phones might not be as up to date as the new models, but they still offer fantastic camera quality and have good battery life.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a triple rear camera, and it's still one of the most popular iPhone models. While this isn't a budget phone, you can save money by taking out a 12-month lease and upgrading to the iPhone 13 when you're ready.

New Samsung phones

Samsung is without a doubt the Pepsi to Apple's Coca Cola. The two manufacturers regularly compete, and Samsung is more than able to stand its own. With plenty of innovative features and excellent cameras, the Galaxy collection more than holds its own against Apple.

If you prefer Android phone systems, Samsung is, without a doubt, the most popular provider. We stock a range of new Galaxy smartphones available in 12 or 24-month leases.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Range

Never one to shy away from the competition, Samsung always delivers with the Galaxy range. There are three choices for their latest phones, including the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, with the latter being the most high-spec of the three.

The first thing you'll notice is the impressive camera system which packs a real punch, and the S22 Ultra also boasts a great battery life. There's so much you can do with the Ultra, but if you're before a lower lease amount with your Galaxy smartphone, the S22 Plus is an excellent alternative.

It includes a telephoto camera which is perfect for taking photographs in portrait mode and updated night sight settings.

These phones are designed to have all the features you'd expect, and Samsung's industry-leading sleek smartphones never let you down.

How it works

Getting a new mobile phone shouldn't be hard, our leasing service takes the stress and financial strain away. In just two short steps, you could have a brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy on your doorstep.

Browse through our phones

We have so many amazing phones available, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. Once you see a model that takes your fancy, you'll complete a soft credit check (it won't impact your credit score) and choose your lease term.

Lease term & monthly payments

You can choose between a 12 or 24-month lease term with most of our new phones. A 12-month term gives you more flexibility and is ideal if you love keeping up with the latest tech. However, a 24-month lease means you pay less each month.

Get a free upgrade

Once your initial lease term finishes, you can get a free upgrade. All you need to do is trade in your current device for a newer model. We refurbish all of our phones, and your current phone will go to a new Raylo leaser.

You'll also be able to leave us without any hassle or keep your current handset.

Ready to Raylo?

Getting a new phone doesn't have to be a headache, and our leasing terms ensure you can take full advantage of the latest technology without worrying about contracts. As a team, we help you say goodbye to mobile operators and faceless retailers once and for all.

All you need to think about is which of our new mobile phones is suitable for your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like some help.

Why lease mobile phones instead of buying a new one?

Investing in a new phone is a big decision because the typical smartphone is so much more than a practical way to communicate with others. Today, people use their smartphones to take high-quality photographs, run their businesses online and stay connected.

The phone you choose says a lot about you, and many would agree that they're either an Android or iOS person. Unfortunately, the cost of a new mobile depends on the handset you choose and whether you buy outright or on a contract.

Many mobile operators try to upsell their phones by offering an unlimited data deal, but this often costs a lot more than if you buy the phone outright.

With leasing, you pay for the use of the phone only, meaning there are no contract charges and unexpected bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Leasing is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Instead of leaving our phones to gather dust in a drawer somewhere, we refurbish every model, ensuring someone else can enjoy it.

Doing this means each phone has a longer life cycle, and we can prevent them from ending up in landfills. You help us achieve this by leasing a new phone - because someone else will use it after your payment term finishes.

Save money

While buying a new phone outright might seem like a good idea, you also have to remember that the model you choose will immediately lose value. Apple and Samsung release new phones all the time, so no phone will retain its value.

When you decide to sell that phone on, you'll have to do so at a discounted rate. Our leasing service means you pay to use the phone, and once the term finishes, you can upgrade to a newer model - at no extra cost.

Pay what you want and nothing more

Our mobile leases are for the phone only, and each model comes completely unlocked. You can use your current sim card or get a new one from a cheaper provider. Mobile operators often add ridiculous prices to their contracts, but you're in complete control with us.

You choose your sim and plan depending on your requirements. A Raylo phone and an independent sim deal are more cost-effective than a contract.

Why lease a new Apple or Android phone from Raylo?

It's no secret that smartphones are expensive, and most people are locked into contracts that make it difficult to switch carriers or phones.

You're also with the same phone for two years, and if you want to upgrade, you have to pay an early termination fee.

At Raylo, we're changing the way people access new technology by cutting through the obstacles mobile operators create and deliver the best possible service for you - regardless of any budget restrictions.

Our main priority is getting people like you the new phones you deserve, and we're proud to be shaking up the industry.

Now, it's your turn to join us and make some noise.

You get to choose from our massive range of phones

When you choose a phone from the major networks, you'll have a limited selection. This is because mobile operators add pricey contracts to the best phones, so you'll have to settle for an older model.

We offer a range of lease terms with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. As our handsets are unlocked, they're free from pre-selected network providers, allowing you to select the best sim card for your needs.