Karl Gilbert
Sep 20, 2019
Is mobile insurance worth it?

As your phone increasingly becomes integrated with every facet of your life, the expense and hassle of breakage shouldn’t be underestimated. In the last two years alone nearly one quarter of us have experienced a smashed screen. We delve into whether insurance is worth it.

Nuno Brito e Cunha
Sep 6, 2019
Let’s liberate those unused gadgets

A device sitting in a draw helps neither the owner nor the environment. That’s why we’re making it easy for our customers to put gadgets back into the market for someone who needs it. This is now driving a circular economy, which is good for people and the planet. 

Karl Gilbert
Aug 9, 2019
Text to Switch: the telco industry speaks to millennials in a language they understand

Recent regulation from Ofcom means that customers can now switch mobile providers by simply sending one free text message. At Raylo, we believe this move is only the start of a major shift in the industry.

Nuno Brito e Cunha
Jul 26, 2019
Our eco friendly phone case

As it stands the mobile space is not known for being the most sustainable of industries and there is much still to be done to move it away from that but we want to start in the right way, by making a responsible choice with our case. The numbers say it all, more than 400 million pounds of plastic are used to manufacture approximately one billion plastic phone cases every year. Hopefully our choice will inspire others to follow the same path.

Nuno Brito e Cunha
Jul 26, 2019
The latest on the next iPhone

We've rounded up the latest leaks, rumours and iPhone renders below to give you a summarised account of what the Apple experts are predicting for the next iPhone coming in September.

Nuno Brito e Cunha
Jun 14, 2019
Beyond ownership

From the cars we share to the music we listen to, the modern person’s attitude to what we own has changed dramatically, so what does the future hold?

Nuno Brito e Cunha
Jun 11, 2019
A SIM-free phone is the path to cheaper mobile

The combination of a SIM-free phone with a SIM-only contract can save you hundreds of pounds per year.