Are SIM only deals the future of mobile? 🤖

October 3, 2019

Do you want to know a secret? Really?

It’s highly likely you’re paying too much for your phone package. Oof, we said it. The truth hurts, we know. But it can’t be stopped – and it's also a chance to find a better solution.

The issue, of course, is that we’ve all become stuck in the same old way of getting our mobiles. Perhaps you’re happy with your trusty phone itself, but you’re probably paying an eye-watering monthly bill to get it alongside your monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts.

But things are changing – and switching to SIM only could be your first step towards a better way to do mobile.

SIM only, simplified ☑️

First, what is a SIM only deal? As the name suggests, it’s where you only pay for the mobile service and allowances on a SIM card. It’s your data, minutes and texts on a SIM – and that’s it.

You can choose between a Pay monthly or Pay as you go SIM, giving you even more control over your costs.

With no phone in the picture, you pay the minimum for the maximum amount of stuff. As we’ve already touched on, you’ll shell out much more for a contract that comes with a phone, to cover the cost of that device. But when you go SIM only, you put the focus on your allowances, and instead prioritise sheer value.

A deal like this is the perfect partner for Raylo. In fact, we don’t offer SIMs at all – our service is purely for the phone itself. That means you combine the saving you make on your new iPhone 11 with the saving of a good SIM only deal. 

SIM-only phone


Is a SIM only deal right for me?

OK, so the savings of SIM only are self evident. But will it meet your needs?

If you feel that your current mobile contract is a little restrictive and you’re investing heavily just to get the phone you want, a SIM only deal is a good alternative. They’re designed to give you the exact amount of texts, calls and data you need without paying the world for the privilege. As the name suggests, you also have the freedom to look around to find the right contact – another way to save big.

Monthly SIM only contracts also often give you more flexibility compared with a phone and plan package. You’ll still need to pay for it for a specified period of time, but generally this is shorter than a contract that includes a mobile. Most are 12 months or shorter, whereas the average upgrade cycle for a new phone in the UK clocks in at around 24 months.

There are even some SIM only deals which give you rolling contracts. This means you can switch to a different contract with a different provider from one month to the next. So, if you have an older phone and are waiting for the next model to be released, you don’t need to continue using the same contract: just choose a rolling SIM only deal and save money while you wait for your next phone to be released.

Even better, you can hold onto your current phone number when you switch to a new network on a SIM only deal. Just ask your old provider for your PAC code to move it over.

In a nutshell, contracts that combine a phone and plan can be extremely rigid, forcing you to pay a high amount every month. By choosing a SIM only deal you’re demanding better value and more flexibility.

SIM only + Raylo = Happy face 😊

The big downside of going SIM only is, of course, that you need to sort out your phone situation separately. Traditionally, that’s meant trawling eBay or other online marketplaces for a bargain. Then you might have to get the phone unlocked from the network it’s on – extra hassle and sometimes extra money. It’s the wild frontier of mobile freedom, and it’s really not ideal. 

So we get it: having an all-in-one solution is more convenient. It’s probably a big reason why you tolerate paying more each month.

That’s exactly why Raylo gives you the best of both worlds. 

It takes 5 minutes to sign up with us, and then you get the latest iPhone 11 brand new, from just £25.99 a month. The phone is unlocked, with optional insurance against loss, theft and accidental damage and also comes with accessories. It’s the full package.

You just need to add a SIM. Find a killer deal, combine with your glorious new iPhone 11 or Pro Models, and start saving money with your Raylo subscription.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

How do we do it? The clever bit is that you don’t actually buy your phone outright. Instead, you enjoy it for 24 months, then we send you your next upgrade and you send your old phone back to us.

It’s a virtuous circle. By not buying your phone, you’ve effectively found a way to cut out the middleman – and by adding a great value SIM only deal, you’re doing it twice over. Then you can sit back and feel awesome, because you’re officially doing mobile in a smarter, simpler more sustainable way.

Are SIM only deals the future of mobile? With the saving, flexibility and freedom they bring, we certainly think they’re part of it. And with just a small shift of perspective, you can enjoy all the benefits SIM only brings with Raylo, starting today. 

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