How to go SIM only ✌🏼


November 27, 2019

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Go SIM only and stay with your network

If you’ve been on the same mobile contract for a while, stop hitting snooze… it’s time to wake up! Because you could be overpaying every single month.

You’ve probably heard of SIM only deals. Unlike traditional network contracts where your handset and usage costs are combined, a SIM only contract covers just the calls, texts and data – and you sort your phone separately.

Cutting the ties between what you pay for data and minutes and what you pay for the phone itself is often much better value. For example, a SIM only contract and a new iPhone from Raylo, could save you up to £40 per month compared to a network bundle. And switching is simpler than you think – you can do it without leaving your network or changing your number. 

So here’s our quick guide to going SIM only…

Step 1: Check how much data you really need 🤓

It’s a good idea to take stock of how many minutes, texts and gigabytes you actually use each month. Have a quick look at your last few bills – you might be paying for more than you need. 

Step 2: Pick your contract length 🗓

With SIM only, you’ll have your pick of contract lengths, from as little as 30 days. A short rolling contract offers the most flexibility, but 12 or 18-month contracts might offer lower prices.

Step 3: A little light research 🧑💻 

A price comparison tool is a quick way of finding out which deals are on the market and what your network is offering to new customers. This is all good ammunition if you want to negotiate.

Step 4: Call your network 📱

Once you know what you’re looking for, give your provider a call. This gives you the best opportunity to get the lowest price. You hold the most bargaining power about 30 days from the end of your contract, or once it has elapsed. It could be tougher to change the terms if you’ve still got several months to go. 

Tips for talking to your network:

  • Ask them for their best price on a SIM only deal
  • If your research shows a better price elsewhere, use that as a counter offer
  • If you’ve had any problems with your service, leverage this to get a discount
  • If you’re feeling confident, hold firm on your monthly budget (e.g. I can only afford X per month) and see if they’ll meet it. 

Even if you’re not a master negotiator, or if you prefer to look online, there’s still a good chance you’ll be able to reduce your current monthly spend with a SIM only deal.

Step 5: SIM only + Raylo 🏆

So you’ve broken out of your old network contract, you’ve gone SIM only and you’re free to do whatever you like with it. Pop it into your existing phone, or if you’re ready for something new, Raylo offers a super simple and accessible way to pair it with the amazing new iPhone 11 or Pro Models. We’ve got the hardware, all you need is the SIM. With Raylo, you could upgrade to the phone of your dreams and still be paying less than you are now. Amazing, right?

So that’s it! You can pretty much sort it on your lunch break. If your contract’s almost up, or has been for a while, now is definitely the time to ask about a SIM only deal. Then come and join the Raylo party. It’s BYOS. (That’s ‘Bring Your Own SIM’, in case you were wondering).