Introducing our new pricing ✅

December 5, 2019

We have launched new pricing!

We have been working super hard, lots of coffee, late nights, natural smoothies from our friends at Honestly Good Smoothies and are proud to say that we are now the UK’s lowest monthly price for a SIM-free iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max!

How have we achieved this? We took to our community, listened and understood that for some customers, it’s more important to get the lowest possible price for their phone and then get their own insurance elsewhere or be comfortable without cover, so now the insurance is an optional extra.

What this means is you can now get an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max without insurance. 

What this means is you can now get an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max on a simple subscription without our insurance cover. 

We have also redesigned our insurance offering. Our insurance cover remains the same, underwritten by AXA and offering full cover against loss, theft and accidental damage, but we’ve made it clearer and the pricing is more transparent. 

The benefit of the cover starts from as little as £7.99/mo which is like night and day vs what the big networks charge (£14 - £16/mo 😲) for similar cover.

Our new subscription pricing starts at £36.99/month for the iPhone 11 Pro with £0 upfront and it takes just 5 minutes to sign up. We’ll even deliver your phone on a Saturday if you want 🚀. 

Check out our new website for more information.

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