Our eco friendly phone case 🌱


July 26, 2019

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We took to our waiting list of future customers to help us settle an office debate about which colour our phone cases should be. The results came in and 61% voted for the charcoal colour as their preferred choice, they spoke and naturally we listened. The next step was to explain the 'why' that drove us to partner with Pela, the world's first 100% compostable phone case.  Read on to discover the reasons behind this inspiring partnership.

As it stands the mobile space is not known for being the most sustainable of industries and there is much still to be done to move it away from that but we want to start in the right way, by making a responsible choice with our case. The numbers say it all, more than 400 million pounds of plastic are used to manufacture approximately one billion plastic phone cases every year. The sheer volume is mind blowing and as part of our mission of making mobile more sustainable we're starting by adopting a policy of only providing our customers with cases that are compostable. Hopefully our choice will inspire others to follow the same path.

Why Pela? ♻️

They are the world's first zero-waste, compostable phone case producer and have one of the strongest sustainability missions we've ever come across; "to create a waste free future". The phone cases are built to fully biodegrade and can be easily composted, setting a new standard in sustainable-plastic consumer products.

Made from Flaxseed 🌾

A Pela Case is made from a biopolymer called Flaxstic®. The bits of gold and yellow specks you can see on the case come from the flax shive, a renewable byproduct of the flax oilseed harvest in Canada. Interestingly, using this waste byproduct actually gives the cases added strength and natural shock absorption.

Look 👓 and Feel 👌🏼

Pela Cases are designed for a slim fit, sleek look that adds almost zero extra bulk to your iPhone at around 2mm of thickness. This also allows for wireless charging. Even though the cases have a soft textured feel they are also very durable, shock-absorbing and allow your phone to bounce when dropped. The case fit is snug and because of the textured feel, it's also  grippy, allowing it to slide in and out of your pocket but not in and out of your hands.