Trim your SIM – how Raylo helps to cut costs for their customers.


May 20, 2020

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Phones are an essential part of modern life and Raylo believes getting one should be an experience worth talking about. 

Whilst Raylo do not provide SIMs, we hate to see the networks overcharging our customers for minutes and data. The big phone companies like to take your cash by making it complicated… that’s why the average UK consumer is wasting 3.4GB of mobile data every month

During this unprecedented time, we felt lockdown was a great opportunity to reach out to our customers and offer a free review of their SIM plans. Just a small saving per month can make a big difference. Here are the results so far. 

What we do and how we do it  

Unaffiliated to any network, our team of SIM experts gather information on deals across the UK that cover anything from the:

  • best data deals
  • best reception for work/ home address 
  • best international roaming deals outside the EU 
  • best commuters data plans (to allow free wifi access on the underground and trains)

Raylo’s customers are sent an invitation to take part and can book an appointment online at a time suitable to them. The call only lasts 5-10 minutes, but covers a lot of ground. Focusing on the individual we source and suggest SIM only plans that offer the best price, best reception and most suitable data deal for each customer. 

The results so far

Monthly savings

By cherry picking the best plans we have so far saved our customers an average of £21 per month on their SIM costs. 30% of our customers could be saving £30 or more, giving all Raylo customers better value and a better experience.


We discovered that on average users are paying for 13 GB more data than they actually need. By checking customers' precise data usage we know that they are not using what their current SIM only plan provided for, a whopping 27.3% are wasting more than 20 GB, and as a result are paying for something they don’t even need. 


Several of our customers stated that they have difficulty getting good enough service. We check the customers signal coverage at their home and work addresses to ensure that they are receiving the best coverage. In many cases a simple change of networks is the solution to enable voice calls to work better. 


There you have it, our ‘Trim your SIM’ service has been a great success to date, saving customers an average of £21 per month. If you are interested in a 'Trim your SIM’ call give us a phone on 0333 050 9880 or email us at [email protected] , a member of our team will be happy to book you in. Don't pay more, Raylo it.