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Get the tech you reeeally want

Phones, iPads, MacBooks… and even more coming soon


How it works

Choose the tech and term you want
We only do the best tech – and all phones are SIM-free.
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Pay way less every month
Use Raylo Trade In to get cashback every month.
We soft search.
At Raylo, only if we say “Yes” and approve your application will a full credit search be undertaken.
Upgrade time
At the end of your term, the choice is yours.
Apply for a free upgrade, keep your device or leave us by returning your device.
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4.7 stars across 4000+ Trustpilot reviews. Thousands are joining Raylo every month.


Do our phones come with a SIM?

No. All our phones are both SIM free and unlocked, meaning they come without a SIM card, and will work on all networks. All you have to do is pop in your SIM and you're good to go.

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How do I cancel?

Can I keep the device after the term has ended?

When you order, you choose a lease term.

Here are your choices at the end of this term.


Apply for a new device of your choice with no upgrade fee. We’ll send it to you and you have 14 days to return the old one.


Hey, if you’re happy with the device you’ve been using, then just carry on paying monthly or pay a one off non-return fee.

If you want to purchase the device, which would enable you to sell it or give it to somebody else, please contact us to discuss.

Not upgrading or keeping
At the end of the lease term you simply hand the device back and sail off into the sunset

Do you do a soft credit check?


We run credit checks on all of our customers, as we need to ensure the monthly payments are affordable and to protect against fraud. If we have to say no this will not affect your credit score. If you are accepted a full search will appear on your credit file.

We believe this is the responsible thing to do for our customers and Raylo.

For further information click here. 

What is Raylo insurance?

Protect your tech with one of the best insurance options around. Provided by Pier Insurance, developed by Raylo for simple, high-quality, low-cost worldwide cover – plus rapid repairs for accidental damage. Click here for further information.

Any more questions?

Check out our help centre or contact us via phone, email or webchat.