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We soft search.
Raylo only does a soft credit check and applying has no impact on your credit file.
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At the end of your term, the choice is yours.
Apply for a free upgrade, keep paying monthly or leave us by returning your device.
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4.7 stars across 4000+ Trustpilot reviews. Thousands are joining Raylo every month.


Do I need to worry about wear and tear?

Don’t worry, we offer a fair wear and tear policy. It’s ok to return your device with obvious signs of use such as some deep scratching (2 or fewer deep scratches on front glass that are less than 3cm in length), small dents, discolouration or changes in the paintwork.

What if my device gets damaged?

If you return the phone to us damaged, we may charge you for the cost of repair as outlined by the Repair Charges set out in your agreement. You can opt for Raylo insurance at checkout which covers you against accidental damage, loss and theft.

When does my lease begin and end?

The lease begins when we ship your device and your first payment is due 14 days later. Your lease ends when you return your device, after your chosen lease term.

Can I cancel after my order?

Sure! If you have a change of heart you can cancel and return for free within the first 14 days.

What happens when it’s time to upgrade?

At the end of your lease you can simply upgrade for free and return your old device. You have 14 days to transfer your data – plenty of time.

If you don’t wish to upgrade you can:

  • Keep the device and continue paying monthly
  • Cancel your lease and return your device to Raylo. If you’re unable to return your device you’ll need to pay a fair fee

Do you run a soft search credit check?

Yes – the benefit of a soft search is there's no impact on your credit score. At Raylo, only if we say “Yes” and approve your application will a full credit search be undertaken.

Can I trust Raylo?

Of course! We're rated 4.5 on Trustpilot. We’re also partners of Natwest and Telefonica – you’re in safe hands.

Refurbished Phones

Get the refurbished phone you really want with Raylo

Getting the phone you want shouldn't be an uphill battle. At Raylo, we give you freedom, flexibility and savings on the latest smartphones through leasing.

With our wide selection of certified pre-owned phones, you can find the perfect mobile device for your needs without breaking the bank.

Our refurbished phones go through a 70 point testing system before they land on your doorstep so that you can enjoy a great value, quality product.

Refurbished Apple Mobile Phones

Often classed as the gold standard of smartphones, Apple's iPhone collection has been around since 2007 and continues to impress consumers. With excellent functionality and a superior design, these phones serve as so much more than a communication tool.

Whether you're looking for a music player, a photography tool or a way to run your business on the move, these phones never let you down.

We have a selection of high-quality iPhones to suit all budgets, ranging from the iPhone XR to the ultra-modern iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Refurbished Android Phones

While many smartphones use the Android system, Samsung phones are among the most popular today. Known for their sleek design, powerful performance, and wide range of features, these second-hand phones have something to offer everyone.

Samsung really upped its game with the innovative Galaxy S1 and S2 devices, and these phones are available today with a variety of leasing terms.

Why lease instead of buy?

Leasing is a relatively new concept, but it's the best way to pay the right price for your tech. Buying a new phone outright means you'll spend hundreds on a handset that will immediately start to lose its value after the initial purchase.

The old school contracts from mobile operators seem like a great idea because you're getting your phone, minutes and data under one deal - right? Not really. 

You're tied into these contracts for a set term, and you'll pay a lot more over those months.

With leasing, you're in control. You choose the phone you want and pay a monthly amount over a 12 or 24-month leasing term. Once your lease is over, you can take advantage of a free upgrade and hand your current phone back to us.

No dusty used phones sitting hopelessly in a drawer, no hidden charges, no hassle.

It's that simple. All you need to do is choose a sim card and plan to go with your fully unlocked phone. 

Fully tested refurbished mobile phones

Pay less, but get more with a refurbished mobile phone from Raylo. We put our phones through a lot before sending them to their new owner because performance is everything. We're so confident your new phone will be as good as new that we offer a 30 day returns policy so you can put your new model through its paces.

Once your lease is up, you'll receive a free upgrade to a new refurbished mobile phone.

We're all about the experience

Buying a new mobile phone or contract isn't the best experience, and salespeople will always try to upsell. There's no pressure here because we built Raylo from the ground up to give you the service you deserve.

Our mission is to give you the phone that suits your needs without wasting your time or money. We don't do corporate nonsense, and our friendly team will always go out of their way to do an amazing job for you.

Free up your drawers with our sustainable upgrades

At Raylo, no phone goes to waste. When you're at the end of your leasing term, we'll give your phone to another leaser, and you can upgrade to a new model.

Someone else gets to enjoy your old phone, and you can keep your drawers tech-free. It's more convenient for you and a greener way to stay connected.

30 days to put our refurbished devices to the test

You have the choice of a 12 or 24-month lease, but we understand that you might change your mind. With us, you can. Our 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the flexibility to choose (yes, it is possible).

If you think there might be a more suitable phone for your needs, all you need to do is return it within 30 days, and we'll help you find a different phone from our extensive collection.

Don't worry; there won't be a battle with our customer service team, and you won't be put on hold for hours listening to awful music. Returns with Raylo are quick and convenient - exactly how they should be.

Ready to Raylo?

Leasing with us couldn't be easier, and you can get started straight away. You're in control, but we're here if you want to ask any questions or need some help choosing the right phone for your needs.

Choose the phone you really want.

Lower prices mean more opportunities to find the phone of your dreams. At Raylo, there's a smartphone for everyone. We regularly refurbish and add phones to the website, so look out for the latest models - including new iPhone or Samsung phones.

Once you choose your phone, select a convenient 12 month or 24-month leasing term, depending on how long you want to keep it.

Make your monthly payments.

You'll make your monthly payments during the leasing term, and we'll be on hand if you need support.

Upgrade & save

Once your term is over, you can keep your phone or send it back to us and let someone else benefit from it. We also offer a free upgrade so that you can choose the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

What you get when you lease a refurbished mobile phone from Raylo

When we say refurbished, we don't mean used. A refurbished phone goes through in-depth tests to ensure it performs as it should, while used phone sellers often perform a factory reset and sell it on.

We know refurbished is better, so we don't offer 'second-hand phones'. Our dedication to experience means we refuse to lease substandard phones.

Here's what you get when you Raylo it.

The Raylo 70 point inspection

No phone gets past us without a full inspection and testing process. We won't bore you with the details, but our specialists leave no stone unturned when checking each phone, and we use an extensive 70 point inspection process.

We look at the battery, sim slot, screen, and other elements of your chosen phone to ensure it's in complete working order before shipping.

Plus, you have 30 days to try the phone out before committing to the lease terms.

Peace of mind

Second-hand phones often cause problems for buyers because once you buy them, you're stuck with your phone. If it doesn't work properly, you'll have to fix it or lose even more money by replacing your used phone.

Our refurbished phones come with the Raylo lifetime warranty, meaning you can have absolute peace of mind that they won't let you down.

Popular accessories included

Our refurbished phones always come with accessories and extras that you wouldn't get with a second-hand phone. We provide a new USB charger, a screen protector and a case with each phone.

So if you're looking for a great deal on a new phone, be sure to consider a refurbished option from us. It's a great deal, and we make a point of going above and beyond your expectations.

Choose your refurbished phone today

Leasing with Raylo is so simple, and once you complete the soft credit check, you can choose your tech, and it will be on your doorstep in no time. These high-performance phones are ready to go, and our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions.

So, if you're ready to enjoy the convenience, savings and human-centric experience leasing offers, it's time to find the phone you want.